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'4SIGN' is our ML-based financial data analytics engine. It is designed to perform the task of asset valuation. It is ready, on the shelf, to be integrated by the sell-side brokers to generate recommendations and trading signals for their clients.

Click here for more about 4SIGN.

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'4OMS', is our highly capable order management component. It is specialized in the order management and execution . It is ready waiting on the shelf to be utilized by the buy-side and the sell-side clients and work for them the large order tickets.

Click here for more about 4OMS.

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'4ESTA' is our virtual assistant. It is built mostly on top of our analytics back-end and order management component. It understands the user's requests and responds accordingly. It facilitates trades, or gives advice, or even pings the user under certain market movements.

Click here for more about 4ESTA.

We helped one hedge fund integrate their proprietary OMS to Bloomberg's EMSX.

We delivered an integrator to another institutional client that enabled them to integrate their order generator to the broker's back-end hence automatize the order execution. 

Click here to learn more about our custom projects, use cases, and applications of our products as business models.

We helped one high net worth retail client design one automated order execution application for himself that enabled him to work day-orders with no/minimal human resource, and apply VWAP and TWAP execution algorithms over the day for his daily trades. 

Click here to learn more about our custom projects, use cases, and applications of our products as business models.

Are you interested in designing your own algorithmic trading components?

Do you need a hand in the beginning while you try to automate your trades using the MT4's environment?

Are you a WealthLab fan and working on the integration of your idea generator with WealthLab?

Click here to learn more about our training programs.

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About us

VeriZeka is a fin-tech start up which primarily caters to the financial sector with its self-learning, fully autonomous and – most certainly – human-free products and solutions. 


VeriZeka came into existence back in October 2015 as an incubated project, rather than a legal entity, through the joint efforts of Aykut Sarıbıyık (over 15 years of experience in banking, finance, investments, equity research and fund management) and Refik Çağlayan (over 15 years of experience in digital services, mobile, content, market research and data science). It became a legal entity as of 2018.

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Clients and cases

Clients and projects

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Contact us

Contact us

Head Office

Verizekalı Veri Teknolojileri ArGe A.Ş.

a: İstiklal Cd. No:163 Kat:1 Daire:4 Beyoğlu 34430 / TURKEY

p: +90 (212) 265 85 00

f:  +90 (212) 265 33 00




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