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Our clients and projects

The project

"Autonomous fund manager for one hedge fund"

The client

Fokus Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş.


15 March 2018, İstanbul

VeriZeka’nın Finansal piyasalar ve özelde fon yönetimi için tasarladığı ‘4estRobot ©’, ilk müşterisiyle buluştu.


Fokus Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş.  Serbest Şemsiye Fonu’na bağlı olarak kurulan ‘Forest Serbest Fon’, FPR kodu ve TRYFKSP00021 ISIN numarasıyla 15 Mart’tan itibaren işlem görmeye başladı.

SPK tarafından lisanslanan ve denetlenen FPR serbest fonun hisse senedi portföyünü, Verizekalı'nın tasarladığı Makine Öğrenmesi temelli veri robotu yönetecek.

Bu serbest fon, Fokus PYŞ tarafından nitelikli olarak sınıflandırılan tüm yatırımcılara sunulabilecek.

FPR serbest fon ile birlikte, Verizekalı'nın teknolojisi, otonom fon yöneticisi olarak ilk kullanım alanına kavuşmuş oldu.

Fondan pay sahibi olmak ve daha fazla bilgi için:


Fonun performansını takip etmek için bkz:

The project

"Personal assistant for the traders"

The client

Deutsche Bank Securities / Romania

db logo.png

15 May 2019, İstanbul

This project, aka ‘Eagle Eye’, signed by the client in May 2019, aimed to develop a contemporary analytical tool to support the trading decisions made by the trading desk of Deutsche Bank.

This project covered the scope of a "prototype" of the ultimate version, and, it was assumed to be the opening project of a series of projects Verizekalı and the client agreed upon.

The core function of the prototype was to generate trading ideas, signals or recommendations for a certain market data series (aka ticker) to the human user (i.e. the team member of the trader desk). 


The prototype was designed in two layers: the back-end, and the front-end.

The back-end was basically designed to cater two front-end channels. The first channel was decided to be the web-browser: the user was given the ability to use the back-end from any web browser - after the authentication process.

The second channel has been considered as the chat-bot. This chat-bot had been designed with NLP capabilities, and it was able to communicate in an interactive manner with the user. This chat-bot was designed to provide answers to what is asked (Reactive capacity), and to alert key market turning points to the user even if s/he might not have asked any question. (Proactive capacity)

At the back-end, Verizekalı utilized its proprietary 4SIGN analytical engine (called Eagle Eye by the client). The back-end included a wide range of machine learning methods (mostly calibrated to time-series analysis).

This project helped our client:

- Enabled the trading desk to be able to follow and respond to the market developments 7/24 with the help of Eagle Eye the analytical and interactive data robot.


- Enabled the trader desk to miss no single conviction ideas and key turning in the market with the help of the proactive alerts and the messages of the chat-bot.


- Enhanced the efficiency of the human teams with the help of such machine assistants,


- Simplified the way the traders interact with the bombardment of data flowing from multiple channels.


-  Shortened  the trading decision cycle through faster research process and more accurate pre-trade analysis of the markets,

The project

"Integration to Bloomberg's EMSX"

The client

High net worth client from Ankara


1 May 2018, İstanbul

The project

"Designing light-OMS that can work TWAP and VWAP orders"

The client

One hedge fund domiciled in the Jersey Islands


1 Septenber 2018, İstanbul

The project

"Autonomous fund manager for one hedge fund"

The client

Strateji Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş.

strateji md.jpeg

15 November 2019, İstanbul

VeriZeka’nın Finansal piyasalar ve özelde fon yönetimi için tasarladığı ‘4estRobot ©’, yeni müşterisiyle buluştu.

Strateji Menkul Değerler A.Ş. Serbest Şemsiye Fonu’na devredilen ‘Forest Serbest Fon’, FPR kodu ve TRYFKSP00021 ISIN numarasıyla, işlem görmeye devam ederken, fonun VIOP ve diğer hisse senedi kontratlarını Verizekalı'ın sağladığı yapay zeka uygulaması yönetecek.


Bu serbest fon, Strateji PYŞ tarafından nitelikli olarak sınıflandırılan tüm yatırımcılara sunulabilecek.

Fonun performansını takip etmek için bkz:

The project

"Pricing and marketing engine"

The client

4Play Dijital İşler A.Ş.

4play logo.png

15 December 2019, İstanbul

The Problem
The revenues of the mobile operators including Turkcell are at their mature stage where by the only path to generate new growth passes from data-related services. Unsurprisingly, Turkcell prioritizes the data revenues vs. the voice revenues into 2019.


Turkcell initiated BIP platform for this purpose. BIP platform, that provide chat, contents and value added services to the subscribers, acts as one big data-revenue source for the operator.


4P Dijital İşler, a partner and a member of the Turkcell's business ecosystem, assumed the responsibility to develop and manage some services provided through within BIP platform.

The Solution
(Key theme: Machine learning)
Verizekalı was appointed for the task of increasing the revenue potential of one key service of this platform, "Kim 1 GB ister, which was managed by 4P on behalf of Turkcell.


Verizekalı designed, coded, and delivered one ML applicaiton for 4Play that aimed to:

  • Collect data

  • Normalize data

  • Impute the data

  • Feature selection

  • And recommend actionable marketing and pricing strategies for 4P for this service.

The features

With the help of this ML application, 4P was able to:

  • Create sub segments of the user base

  • Segment the users based on the usage statistics, Personalize price and campaign offerings

  • Optimize the pricing and the timing of promotion notificiations sent to circa 6 millions users.



The revenue of the K1GBİ service simply doubled in three months - thanks to Verizekalı's ML application that segmented the clients, customized the marketing mix to the cilent, and, optimized the promotion frequency and the timing per client.

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