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Custom works and services

Consultancy and training

Are you interested in designing your own algorithmic environment?

Do you need a hand in the beginning while you try to automate your trades using the MT4's environment?

Are you a Wealth-lab fan and working on the integration of your idea generator with Wealth-Lab?

Where ever you are headed to, we can help you get there — shorten your learning curve, share the burden of the inertia at the beginning of your project, minimize the risks while you transform the way you trade and invest in this changing world. .

Custom projects

We helped one hedge fund and delivered them the integration layer they needed to automate their order flows using the Bloomberg's EMSX.

We delivered to another institutional client an integrator (Turkey's Optimus back-end) that enabled them to automatize their order execution.

We delivered a custom EMS component for one of our retail clients. The component we delivered now works the "day orders" on behalf of the client, and applies TWAP and VWAP execution algorithms over the day with no human intervention.

You name it.

We may help you in any capacity realize your ideas and ambitions: We can design and deliver custom projects for you, we can provide you consultancy services, or, we can simply design bespoke training programs for you so that you minimize the overall learning journey you might need to walk on your end.

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